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Water Operations Technician I

    • Job Tracking ID: 512347-706263
    • Job Location: Escondido, CA
    • Location: Greater San Diego
    • Job Type: Full-time

We are looking for a Water Operations Technician I!

Under direct and/or general supervision, performs a variety of skilled and semi-skilled tasks in the maintenance and operation of Stone’s water facilities. Provide support in the water operations department as well as assist with projects as needed.

The shift will be Thursday-Monday or Friday-Tuesday 5:00PM-12:30AM. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following.

* Maintain Water Operations by performing sampling, lab analysis on reclaim water, brew water, cooling tower water, boiler water, and industrial waste discharge water.
* Assist with load outs, press operation, and carbon adsorber sanitations and change outs.
* Maintain chemical pump systems and supply of hazardous chemicals, such as acid, caustic, urea, chlorine, polymer, coagulant, anti-scale and anti-foam.
* Install or modify waste water/reclaim water piping as needed to improve performance or expand capacity.
* Maintain and/or repair pumps, switches, valves, blowers, aeration tank heat exchanger and cooling tower systems.
* Monitor and maintain reverse osmosis system filters, gauges, membranes, including performing clean in place (CIP) operations.
* Monitor and maintain waste water MBR modules, including weekly back-flush, flows, transmembrane pressures, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and annual CIP cleaning.
* Assist with record keeping using checklists and basic excel programs. Be willing to learn and use computer maintenance management system
* Shovel heavy, wet spent grain and lifting of construction materials such as pipe, steel, and wood. Regularly perform work while on scaffolding, scissor lift or 30’ tall tank tops, roof top or tall ladders.
* Perform general construction such as construction of supports, installation of racking, general maintenance and janitorial tasks.
* Perform construction related tasks such as: lifting, carrying, and holding building materials, tools, and supplies, cleaning tools, equipment, materials and work areas, and joining, wrapping and sealing sections of pipe.
* Prevent storm water pollution by cleaning around storm sewers. Perform general housekeeping including sweeping the parking lot, cleaning occasional sludge spills and preventing future spills.
* Assist in performing stormwater pollution prevention plan sampling, reporting, and documentation to maintain compliance
* Assist in performing industrial waste discharge sampling, reporting, and documentation to maintain compliance
* Recycle construction materials and metal along with shipping crates and pallets.
* Maintain cleanliness and organization of the work area.
* Participate in On-Call program.

Education and/or Experience

High school diploma or (GED) required, and at least 1 year of related experience and/or training or equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have knowledge of waste water reclaim water treatment processes including theory of operation, safety, maintenance, record keeping, and permit and testing requirements. Experience with plumbing installation, including copper welding, PVC welding, threaded pipe fitting skills, project implementation and construction will be essential. Must be a self-motivated starter. Completion of Waste Water courses preferred. Possession of a Grade I or Grade II Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator certificate from the California State Water Resources Control Board is highly desired.